Friday 17 June 2022


2x03 A Pistachio Eclair
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Audio Drama / Podcasts

Doctor Who: Redacted
1x08 Ghosts
Did they have to recast several characters from the TV show because the original actors read the script wouldn't appear, I wonder?
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Tales of Monkey Island
Chapter 2 The Siege of Spinner Cay
So, having said there could be half-an-hour left, it was a little over fifteen minutes, including credits. Well, you never know! That means Chapter 2 took me about two-and-three-quarter hours, the same as Chapter 1, for a total so far of just over 5½ hours gametime.

As for the game itself, one thing I could do without (having now had it in both chapters so far): running around jungles trying to remember which pathway leads where. It's okay as a one-off, but it's not that much fun to repeat; it feels like a cheat to make the game feel bigger (more locations!) or longer (artificially extending it as you randomly try different paths hoping to end up where you're looking for).