Thursday 4 August 2011


No Ordinary Family
1x15 No Ordinary Powell
The Jim vs 'Jim' fight was good, and perhaps a couple of other bits were too, but otherwise this was an episode stuffed with stupidity. If you know there's a shapeshifter about, would you really trust anyone so readily? And would you except they're the real person off a few current-life details? And would you happily discuss your one and only weakness out in the open? Daftness. Which I suppose I should expect by now.

4x40 (29/7/11 edition)
Or, Episode #150.
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Torchwood: Miracle Day
4x04 Escape to L.A.
This season is improving with every episode, I think. Which is good, because I didn't think it started as well as people would've liked. It would be really nice if they sorted out the technical issues though -- every other US series looks fine on British TV, so what's with all the smearing/ghosting/etc? It bugs me.
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The Strange and Twisted Tale of...The Movie That Grossed $30.00 by Rob Brunner
You may have heard of this before: Zyzzyx Road, which was shown on one screen once a day in Texas for a week in 2006 for legal reasons, and only six people saw it. Around Christmas 2006 it was picked up on and laughed at; this article, from February 2007, discusses the true story behind the 'flop' -- note the "legal reasons" I mentioned, and that it was "shown" not released.
Anyway, you can read the article for all that; the reason I mention it is: this article is four-and-a-half years old and in it they're talking about a possible theatrical and/or DVD release for the film in the US -- as far as I'm aware, this still hasn't happened. (It's not available over here either.)

Masters of Cinema / Masters of Cinema - completely different, obviously!

MoC vs. Phaidon
(from Masters of Cinema)

DVD publisher Eureka Entertainment are currently battling it out with much-bigger-company Phaidon, a book publisher who have recently decided to name a series of books "The Masters of Cinema Series", which Eureka has been using as a brand name for DVDs and Blu-rays for about seven years.

The books in question were originally published in French under a completely different title, so it's not as if Phaidon have just done a simple translation job -- they've (possibly deliberately) just nicked someone else's established brand.

When alerted to this fact, Phaidon decided it didn't matter -- books and DVDs are different, they say. I'm sure they'd be delighted if someone started releasing a series of DVDs as "The Phaidon Collection" without asking; never mind the fact that Eureka regularly get requests for information about "their books" from both professional trade and regular consumers -- clearly there is crossover and confusion.

Unfortunately for Phaidon, the very audience for these arty/intellectual film books is rallying behind the original Masters of Cinema on twitter, where MoC are hoping to enact some kind of fan-led change of mind from the publisher (see #badPhaidon for more) without having to resort to expensive legal proceedings -- other legal avenues have already been explored and shot down by Phaidon. Eureka want to protect their brand, but it's clearly going to cost them and that's always bad for the consumer -- less cash to put into releases and all that.

That's more or less the state of it anyway, though this official statement on the MoC website explains it more clearly (and in more detail).