Thursday 2 August 2012


How I Met Your Mother
7x24 The Magician's Code Part 2 [season finale]
Well, that was intriguing. Barney's bride was no surprise at all, but didn't really expect Ted's ending. How many seasons has these got left now, though? Getting time for an ending...
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London 2012 Olympics
Day Six
Tennis. Swimming. Cycling. Even a little bit of judo.
[Watch loads of live coverage from the BBC.]

1x03 The Chatterer
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The First Class Sequel is Officially X-Men: Days of Future Past
by Silas Lesnick (from SuperHeroHype)

I loved First Class. I used to love the X-Men animated series (I probably still would, but I've not seen it for nearly 20 years -- can still hum the theme tune though), and the Days of Future Past adaptation is one of the storylines that really stuck in my head. Ought to get round to reading the original comics.

Anyway, what this combination of factors means is -- I'm incredibly excited for this sequel. Be interesting to see how faithful it is though, and if they bring in characters/actors from the first three X-Men movies, and if they do how big a part they play.

Ooh, it's exciting!