Thursday 15 February 2018


The Good Place
2x05 The Trolley Problem

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
1x01 The Vulcan Affair
Haven't watched any of this since I was a kid (and, consequently, I've no idea whatsoever which episodes I've seen -- I don't remember any specifics), but here I go with a full-on watch. One episode done, 104 to go...

The X Files
11x01 My Struggle III
Oh dear, that was... confusing. It didn't help that it's nearly two years since the last episode, which this played heavily on. OK, there was a "previously on", but I didn't think that helped enough. And even if it hadn't been confusing, I don't think it was a very good episode anyway. It was just... odd. I mean, what was with all that random voiceover from Mulder? Nonetheless, sometime I really need to watch all of The X Files from the start -- maybe this would make more sense then.
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