Friday 3 June 2016


Cop Car (2015)
[#102 in 100 Films in a Year 2016]


I don't do an Articles posts for months (years?), then two interesting ones come along at once...

From Must-See TV To Peak TV: 20 Years Of Covering Television
by Alan Sepinwall (from HitFix)

US TV critic Alan Sepinwall has now been reviewing television for 20 years (how did you guess?), so took that as an opportunity to reflect on how much has changed in the medium since 1996. Short answer: a helluva lot. Long answer: read the article, it's good.

What A Co-Director Does On A Pixar Movie? Finding Dory Director Andrew Stanton Explains
by Peter Sciretta (from /Film)

It's a credit you can always seen on Pixar films, but, as they're one of the few places you do see it, it's not widely known what it actually means. Well, here's an explanation, from the horse's mouth.