Friday 28 September 2012


Arrested Development
1x04 Key Decisions
1x05 Charity Drive
It's always hard when you watch something regarded by so many as The Greatest Ever to determine whether you're meant to absolutely love it from the get-go or if it gets good later. The equally geek-beloved Community, for instance, apparently takes something like 19 episodes to get good. Arrested Development, I don't know -- it's certainly highly amusing, but not Best Thing Ever great.

Comedy World Cup
1x02 Episode 2
[Watch it (again) on 4oD.]

1x13 Sex in the Suburbs
Unnoticed downloading troubles meant I accidentally skipped 12. Just as they developed some proper ongoing storylines too! Ah well, no huge disturbance.

Wallander [film series]
Sidetracked Part 2 (of 2) (aka VillospÄr)
See yesterday.