Sunday 19 April 2020


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Part 3 (of 3)
I didn't necessarily intend to watch it all in one sitting, but it was so good.
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The Sarah Jane Adventures
6x00 Farewell, Sarah Jane [special]
A touching little video, written by Russell T Davies and featuring a host of cameos, to mark the anniversary of Lis Sladen's death.
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The 100-Week Roundup II
Inferno in 3D
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The Avengers (1998)
much to my surprise, I kind of loved it... the film embraces the mannered, quirky tone of the TV series, then turns it up to eleven. Personally I think it’s a tonne of fun, with arch performances, ripe dialogue, and a deliciously camp air. If it wasn’t for WB’s post-production fiddling, which has left the plot feeling a bit janky and spasmodic, I reckon this would be a cult classic by now.
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Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)
Some people criticised Homecoming for having too much Iron Man and going too far in making Spider-Man into Iron Man Jr. I felt they got the balance about right, all things considered — it’s not very true to comic book canon, but, as the third big-screen iteration of Spidey in the modern era, it made a reasonable change. Far from Home is where it becomes overpowering. It has to lean heavily on the overall continuity of the MCU, which means all the business of The Blip (as what we call The Snap is called in-universe) and Iron Man’s death is front-loaded into the movie. The former is waived away as quickly as they can; the latter weighs heavy on the entire rest of the plot.
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Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D (1991/2017)
As you might expect from a genuine 3D advocate like Cameron, a lot of the effect is quite subtle — it’s aiming for realistic spacing, not an in-your-face exaggeration of depth. That kind of subtlety is arguably a reason a lot of people feel 3D adds little [but] Put a good subtle-3D shot against its 2D counterpart and suddenly you’re aware of the natural awareness of shape and depth the extra dimension is adding. [T2] does have moments that I think demonstrate that kind of effect. And, at other times, the 3D is much more obvious; mostly during big action set pieces, as you’d expect.
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