Sunday 19 June 2022


Escape in the Fog (1945)
[#38 in The All-New 100 Films in a Year Challenge 2022]

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Doctor Who: Redacted
1x09 Rescue
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Tales of Monkey Island
Chapter 3 Lair of the Leviathan

Felt like there were a lot of cutscenes at some points this chapter. Why not make them interactive conversations instead? Obviously the player's options would be narrow because it's about getting on with the plot, but they could throw in a couple of variations or asides. Plus, at least it would feel like a game rather than spending five minutes just watching, performing one simple task, then spending another five minutes watching.

Those iffy bits aside, the game remains decent fun. Some different types of puzzles I'd not seen before, which was a welcome change, and a nice use of fan-favourite character Murray. Just over 2 hours of time spent playing the chapter so far, which, based on the other two, probably means 30 to 45 minutes to go.

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Encanto (2021)
It doesn’t look like your typical Disney Princess movie, but it’s not functionally different to them. The Madrigal family’s powers mean they effectively rule over their small town, albeit in a benevolent way, which makes Mirabel a de facto Princess; and she has the usual Disney Princess hangups about feeling under-appreciated and needing to find her self-worth. But hey, at least she doesn’t also need to find a husband!
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High and Low (1963)
Akira Kurosawa has a good many classic films to his name, but, according to users of both IMDb and Letterboxd, this is the second best of them all — and, on the latter’s list. the 12th greatest film ever made, to boot... It’s certainly a fine piece of work — although, on first watch, I’d say I’ve seen several better examples of the genre and several better films by Kurosawa. But that isn’t truly a criticism of the film, rather of its high placing on the lists mentioned
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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021)
The MCU publicity claim that any given film is “not just a superhero movie, it’s a [1970s conspiracy thriller / John Hughes comedy / whatever]” has, rightly, become a bit of a laughing stock. But I think Shang-Chi might be the first time it’s actually true. Yeah, it’s undeniably set in the MCU and, as such, plays by some of those rules... but the bulk of the movie itself is not really a superhero film as we normally think of them. Rather, it’s a martial arts fantasy-actioner.
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2022 | Weeks 16–17
Featuring two very different coming-of-age movies...
- CODA (2021)
- Cruella (2021)
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