Saturday 17 September 2011


Doctor Who
32x11 The God Complex
I don't know if it's just my imagination, but the Moffat era seems to be marked by a lot more experimental episodes. It's not Invasion Of The Week or other familiar formats every episode; there's a lot more Different kind of stories. And that's a good thing, for a show with a format that famously can do anything. As for this particular one, I loved it. Well done on them keeping the ending a secret too.
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Doctor Who Confidential
6x11 Heartbreak Hotel
Much, much better than the last episode. A good Doctor Who week all round then!
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4x03 Episode 3
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Perfect Couples
1x02 Pilot
American sitcom-y shows often like to have witty formula episode titles -- see Scrubs, No Ordinary Family, etc. I don't know if we have Friends' The One With… to blame for that, or if it pre-dates even that. Anyway, Perfect Couples is no exception: they're all Perfect something. Sadly, it seems no one had the wit or forethought to call this a Perfect Pilot. Or maybe they just didn't want to seem cocky, I dunno.
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Is 3D dead? This chart may hold the answer
(from Live for Films)
Clearly it's not dead yet -- the industry has too much invested into it in too long term a way to let it die off almost immediately -- but those numbers aren't looking healthy. If they don't start revising their strategies, and fast, it's going to become an irrelevant niche at best.