Wednesday, 15 March 2023


Doctor Who
2x23 The Knight of Jaffa
aka The Crusade Part Two, the first of the serial's two missing episodes. The VHS release came with a CD of the soundtracks for those two episodes, so it's possible I've listened to this before; but I've certainly never watched it in any way, so I don't think this can count as a rewatch. Which is kinda weird — to be able to say I've seen half a serial, but mean alternating parts rather than, say, only the first half — but, eh, that's the crazy world of Doctor Who for you.

Would I Lie To You?
16x06 Episode 6
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]


2000 AD #2304


The Adventures of Bryan Scott (demo)

Short demo for a Broken Sword-style point-and-click adventure game that's currently running a Kickstarter. The demo all takes place in the hero's apartment, which is hardly the stuff of high adventure, but hey, that's demoes for you. The production values (i.e. art style and gameplay) and plot setup seem promising enough that I've backed the crowdfunding. (Assuming it's successful, the full game isn't scheduled to release until the end of 2025, so don't expect to see me playing it soon.)