Thursday 19 April 2012


3x06 The Limited
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Horrible Histories
4x05 Episode 5
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Twenty Twelve
2x03 Clarence House
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Jonathan Ross: The king of comics
by Jonathan Ross (from London Evening Standard)
The title might suggest a profile of Wossy's new(ish) comic-writing career, but actually it's a piece by him about the new-found cool of comic books and their movies. I presume someone copyedited it to death though, as it's filled with references to "Spiderman", and "Captain Marvel" being in The Avengers alongside "Iron Man, the Hulk, the Mighty Thor, Captain, America, Hawkeye and Sgt Fury" (most of that last bit's fine -- spot the mistake in the middle). Still, the rest of the piece is good.

The Ethical Rot Behind Before Watchmen & The Avengers [Opinion]
by David Brothers (from Comics Alliance)
By contrast, here's a very good piece on the evils of the comic book industry.