Sunday 11 October 2015


5x11 Under the Influence

Doctor Who
35x04 Before the Flood
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5x03 House of Hormones [2nd watch]


Ender's Game (2013)
[#146 in 100 Films in a Year 2015]

this week on 100 Films

Just two brand-new reviews were published to 100 Films in a Year this week...

Rush (2013)
Appropriately, the racing sequences are the best part. Those were the days when F1 was a little wild and uncontrolled, which the film does a good job of conveying, and also of using to its advantage to create tense and exciting set pieces. Kudos to every element of production here, not only the brilliant camerawork and editing, and the array of special effects required to tie it together, but also the production design that makes the one or two tracks they filmed on look like circuits all around the world.
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Shallow Grave (1994)
it concerns three ultra-chummy flatmates in contemporary Edinburgh who take in a fourth lodger, who promptly dies, leaving behind an insane amount of cash. Rather than report it, they dispose of the corpse and keep the cash. You don’t get much further from Merchant-Ivory than that.
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Meanwhile, my archive posts are well into 2010 now, with 11 more reposted this week...

A final push...!
So today is the final day of 2008, and so the final day of this blog's second year. And have I made it to 100? Not yet.
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Another dismal January
It seems like barely a couple of months since I was posting about a dismal January; but, of course, it was a year ago -- and I've just had another equally mediocre month.
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Sit-rep (or, ‘In want of a better title’)
The start of April marks the end of the year’s first quarter in just about every way possible (meaning in months, weeks and days). Unfortunately, it looks unlikely that the same will be said for this year’s attempt at 100 films.
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July 2009
one month on from my last post, and at around 58% of the way through 2009 I find the actions toward my titular aim floundering this year — never mind the last post, it’s been over a month since I actually watched a film.
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It’s halfway through 2009!
“But it’s September!” I hear you cry in response to my patently ludicrous title. “That’s not halfway through the year by any reasonable measure!” No, it isn’t — but it is (if you haven’t already guessed) the point at which I’ve seen 50 new films in 2009 (at last!)
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The end is nigh…
this is simply an observation (and little more than that, I’m afraid) that there are a mere 31 days of 2009 left. Indeed, 31 days of this decade. Cripes.
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Another year over, or: Third time unlucky
“Another year over,” sang John Lennon, “and what have you done?” (Well, if you re-arrange the lyrics he did.) Failed to reach 100 films, that’s what. Well… There’s a first time for everything. It had to happen sooner or later.
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A ¼ through 2010
Pat on the back over, it’s back to actually watching films. 25 in two months — 150 by the end of December? Well, we’ll see..
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May 2010
I’ve decided to start putting these little lists up every month as a way of keeping the blog current and offering myself a chance to reflect on How Things Are Going. Having switched to longer reviews in the blog’s second year, and ultimately abandoned posting them in order too, I feel I’ve lost this side of things a little. And without it, the whole exercise becomes just a random selection of films.
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June 2010
The start of July is, perhaps obviously, halfway through the year. In terms of film-viewing, then, I should have reached 50, obviously. As attentive regular readers will be aware, I actually reached 50 last month. It’s nice to be well ahead of schedule after last year’s failure
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July 2010
July last year was when I didn’t watch a single film, so while I’ve not watched a great many this month (compared to the rest of the year so far), I’ve done a bang-up job compared to 2009.
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