Wednesday 4 May 2022


1x01 Melon Buffet
Thought it was about time (long overdue, even) that I found out what all the fuss was about. It was pretty good — very few things could live up to the hype Taskmaster has accrued down the years, so "pretty good" isn't a bad result. I'll certainly keep watching it (for 10 more days, at least, when it's apparently being removed from All 4).
[Watch it (again) on All 4.]


MTV Unplugged
by Placebo


Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo: ‘I’ve never heard us described as an island of joy before!’
by Miranda Sawyer (from the Guardian)

For some reason, I've never really engaged with Kermode & Mayo's show or podcast (beyond watching the odd clip or reading some tweets or whatever). Not sure why. But now they're moving it to a new medium (this is an interview promoting that, FYI), so it seems as good a jumping on point as any. That said, I don't really listen to podcasts (just look at their history of being logged on this blog — few and far between), so we'll see how that goes.