Friday 6 January 2012


Absolutely Fabulous
6x01 Identity [Christmas special]
6x02 Job [New Year special]
You assume these kind of revivals are going to be at best pretty weak and at worst hopelessly embarrassing, but I thought these two episodes were actually rather funny. Not sure the mooted movie is a good idea though.
[Watch Identity and Job (again) in HD on iPlayer.]

The Many Faces of
Dame Judi Dench

The Mentalist
4x03 Pretty Red Balloon
US TV should be re-starting before too long, so I ought to catch up on the ones I've not seen... not that The Mentalist seemed to stop over Christmas.

5x36 (3/1/12 edition)
Returning post-Christmas, Pointless returns to new episodes (last aired in October). Not that it matters much to me -- I hadn't seen the repeats they'd been showing anyway. Though I was dreadfully behind on them, and now have them all saved up for when they switch to repeating episodes I have seen.
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]

9x13 Intelligence (XL edition)
Being the one I missed that I keep going on about.


Outnumbered to return for fifth series?
by Morgan Jeffery (from Digital Spy)
Fingers crossed for this one. Though I agree the kids are getting a bit too old and they should probably wrap it up soon, I think they should wrap it up soon rather than just stop it, and doing a fifth series this year -- rather than in 2013 as mooted -- seems to the best way to do that.