Wednesday 4 December 2013


2x06 An Unnatural Arrangement

5x23 The One in Vegas Part 1 [4th or so watch]
5x24 The One in Vegas Part 2 [season finale; 4th or so watch]

The Mentalist
6x06 Fire and Brimstone

Alright, look: I'm not naive/stupid/ill-informed — I know there's an episode coming up called Red John (already aired in the US), and the answer to the entire series' overarching mystery is contained within… but how in the hell is that not the next episode?! I mean, I thought we might get to that reveal here — how is there at least another 45 minutes before that revelation?

Also, on a separate but related note: if the series is essentially relaunching after that point, why is said relaunch before the Christmas break? Surely it would've been neater to tell the final act of the Red John tale in 2013, then start afresh with the first episode next year? But I suppose this is US network TV we're talking about: they probably don't want anyone going away over Christmas thinking the show's finished and then not watching when it returns in January. Though how long it can go without its main driving storyline is a whole other issue.

Well, that said, it could go quite a while, because the Red John case was never really the series' primary joy; but, equally, it might feel a tad unfocused long-term without that to latch on to.

Anyway, this is really a debate for another time.

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