Wednesday 14 December 2011


1x03 Why is Sex Fun?
Based on this -- a big new flagship documentary with a different celebrity presenter for each episode and that kind of thing -- the Americans aren't half as good at making documentaries as we are. Sure, it's ultimately informative, but it's also repetitive, over-directed and inaccurately titled. Plus it has a dreadfully cheesy title card/ad break bumper; so bad I thought it was years old, but it seems it's brand new. Ugh.

Frozen Planet
Part 7 On Thin Ice [final episode]
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The Graham Norton Show
10x07 (9/12/11 edition)
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Have I Got News For You
42x08 (9/12/11 edition; extended repeat)
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Live at the Apollo
7x05 Episode 5
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Onion News Network
1x03 Man-Horse Marriage