Monday 4 March 2013


1x11 Trust But Verify

The Mentalist
5x11 Days of Wine and Roses
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Pointless Celebrities
Comic Relief Special
With Ben Miller!
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2x08 Episode 8


2000 AD #1777-1782


Judge Dredd Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction, Parts 13-18 by John Wagner, Henry Flint & Colin MacNeil
Flesh Midnight Cowboys, Parts Four - Nine by Pat Mills & James McKay
The Zaucer of Zilk Parts 3-8 by Brendan McCarthy & Al Ewing
Age of the Wolf II She is Legend, Parts Six - Ten by Alec Worley & Jon Davis-Hunt
Nikolai Dante The Dante Gambit, Parts 4-6 by Robbie Morrison & John Burns
Cadet Anderson: Psi-Division Algol, Parts One - Three by Alan Grant & Steve Yeowell
Time Twisters Contractions by T.C. Eglington & Lee Carter

Colin MacNeil's art is a great fit for Dredd, while Wagner continues to throw everything but the kitchen sink at Mega-City One. One strip where a kitchen sink might be employed as some kind of apocalypse device is The Zaucer of Zilk, which warms on me despite itself. Can't say the same for Flesh, though.

Age of the Wolf is the kind of thing I wish I'd been reading since whenever it started. Cadet Anderson suffers from Steve Yeowell's undetailed style, though it's enlivened considerably by being coloured (here by Eva de la Cruz). The one-off Time Twister is rather good, including more consistent art by Lee Carter than was seen in his recent run on Grey Area.