Monday 18 June 2012


Just Good Friends
3x06 Employment Prospects
After nearly a year it seemed like a good idea to finish this. (That's nothing compared to Gilmore Girls, mind.)

Never Mind the Buzzcocks
21x10 Episode 10 [2nd watch]
21x11 Episode 11 [2nd watch]
More quite-old-repeat viewing courtesy of Dave. I've very definitely seen this series. My favourite bit was the band I've never heard of who the NME said were going to be big in 2008 (the year these first went out). Clearly, they were very wrong.

Playhouse Presents
1x03 Nixon's The One!
15th April, 19th May, 18th June -- I'm watching these pretty precisely at once a month. Ought to step that up considering there's 11 of them.
This one was... weird. Not sure what to make of it, to be honest. Is it really based on real tapes (which they reiterated twice with no kind of retraction note at the end), or is it a complete spoof? I couldn't be sure. It wasn't especially dramatic, but I didn't really laugh either. And it's getting a full-series spin-off too! Bizarre.

2x05 Episode 5
Despite starting this significantly through its run, I've now caught up -- because it's great. The finale's on Wednesday, which means if you haven't watched it yet the whole series will be available on iPlayer for another nine days.
[Watch it (again) in HD on iPlayer.]