Thursday, 21 July 2011


Lee Mack's All Star Cast
1x05 (16/7/11 edition)
I think this is getting worse. Though not having Katie Price this week is a big bonus.
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Penn & Teller: Fool Us
1x05 Episode 5
Most of the Metro reviews of this series (which I've generally linked to as the only thing close to an episode-specific online presence I can find) have been half-decent, but this one's just stupid. Witness them prattling on about "amateur magicians" -- it's been clear since the first special that these are almost all working, award-winning magicians, not "some bloke that dabbles" types. At least, I thought it was clear. But I suppose this reviewer does write for the Metro...
At least, unlike 99% of articles on the Internet, the comments on this one are vaguely worth a read (for more of the same eye-rolling annoyance I'm expressing.
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4x33 (20/7/11 edition)
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Top Gear
17x04 (17/7/11 edition)
A train made from caravans that turned into a fireball?! Awesome!
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Torchwood: Miracle Day
4x02 Rendition
That was much, much better, I thought. Obviously Jack was never in any real danger -- they're not going to kill him off, and certainly not in the second episode -- but there was good Torchwoody fun as they raced around finding everything for the cure. The subplots -- both Oswald Danes and the medical emergency -- are interesting, providing they play them right from now on. Danes has a long way to go, that's clear, but if overdone the medical sob story is going to get dull.
Perhaps best of all, though, was Agent Lyn stumbling along with her head on backwards. Proper Torchwood silliness -- much missed from the first two episodes up to that point, I feel.
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Doctor Who: The Adventure Games returns in October with Guy Fawkes episode by Matthew Reynolds
(from Digital Spy)

The second series will begin with The Gunpowder Plot, and sees The Doctor, Amy and Rory battle aliens in London in 1605. Guy Fawkes will have a role in the episode, which will see the return of two old Doctor Who enemies.

...The new series will see several gameplay enhancements, including non-linear routes, more sophisticated puzzles and a more complex lighting system.

I've still only played the first of the original four games, because I didn't think it was much fun -- so hopefully these "more sophisticated puzzles" include "making it good". I ought to go back and play the other three games, mind -- some of what I read suggested they did get better. Plus, Cybermen! Yay Cybermen.