Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Due South
2x18 Flashback [2nd watch; season finale]
Seems odd to end a season with a recap-esque clips show, but then this was the point at which Due South was cancelled (before being revived for two more seasons) so maybe it was intended to be a nice send-off as much as a recap.
On another note, BBC Two didn't bother to show the episode they skipped. Boo.

How TV Ruined Your Life
1x04 Love
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]

1x04 Episode 4
Some people have said Outcasts gets better as it goes on (as I also mentioned yesterday). On the strength of this episode, I'm finding it very hard to believe them. If anything, it's getting worse.
[Subject yourself to it (again) in HD on iPlayer.]

Yugo the Negotiator
1x05 Trust
1x06 Promise
The end of Yugo's "1st Negotiation" -- i.e. first story arc -- sees a lot more action than previous instalments. Another quite well done element of the series that I don't think I've mentioned is how it handles the political situation, especially using it to a dramatic advantage. For instance, the hostage takers appear to be the villains, but they're freedom fighters with at least some degree of honour -- so are the army, who are out to stop them even if it costs the hostage's life, the true villains? But lest we be in any doubt that the terrorists aren't Not Wholly Nice too, they shoot down a helicopter almost in cold blood. Perhaps it's not the most nuanced programme ever, but it makes a fair fist -- more than one might expect, anyway.