Wednesday 9 November 2022


Doctor Who
Shada Episode Three


Absence (2015)
Short film from the guys behind lockdown hit Host. I actually watched it twice, because it's so short (under 3 minutes), having read the director's notes in between, and I found it more interesting the second time with those in mind. Also, if you're going to watch it, do so on Vimeo rather than YouTube — the film has a very specific visual texture that the latter's heavyhanded compression absolutely wrecks.

Come and See (1985)
[#72 in The All-New 100 Films in a Year Challenge 2022]
Blindspot 2022 #9
+ the special feature on Criterion's Blu-ray where cinematographer Roger Deakins talks about the film's quality for ten minutes


Doctor Who Magazine #584

I rarely bother to mention it (the last time was in 2016), but I buy DWM every month, and usually read at least some of it. This is a special issue, though, because it's packed with info about the forthcoming era — "forthcoming" as in "doesn't start for a whole year", and yet already we're learning about it. That's a level of marketing I can get behind.

Also of particular note: the comic strip this issue picks up directly where The Power of the Doctor left off, beginning a 13-part tale (which will unfurl monthly until the first 60th anniversary special airs, this time (ish) next year) that's the official first adventure for the 14th Doctor. The comic strip's never been allowed to do something so vital before. Exciting times.