Tuesday 19 June 2012


Just Good Friends
3x07 The Wedding [series finale]

Never Mind the Buzzcocks
21x12 Episode 12 [2nd watch]

No Ordinary Family
1x18 No Ordinary Animal
Oh yes, that's right! Six months after I last watched it and a year or more since it was cancelled, I've returned for the final three episodes of this. I will finish it, goddammit.
It's even more laughable than I remembered. Which is probably to the benefit of Once Upon a Time, because for all that programme's numerous faults, it is better than this.


League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 2009: The Bleeding Cool Review
by Rich Johnston (from Bleeding Cool)

Looking forward to this. It's the third and final volume of Century, and I've been saving up the other two ever since they were published to read it all in one go (and the first was released in May 2009!) After several days of having it locked into "dispatching soon", Amazon sent mine this evening. So only a couple of days to go...