Sunday 22 January 2017


Let It Shine
1x03 Episode 3
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Eye in the Sky (2015)
[#8 in 100 Films in a Year 2017]

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It was time for my monthly TV review over at 100 Films in a Year, with a bumper-sized crop of things to cover in-depth...

As well as that, I published 3 brand-new film reviews...

Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie (2016)
Considering its pedigree, it should come as no surprise that The Art of the Deal: The Movie plays like a very long, out of control sketch. Just like all sketch comedy, some jokes land better than others, and just like most sketch comedy, it begins to outstay its welcome by the end.
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Kubo and the Two Strings (2016)
the animation is genuinely stunning — beautiful to look at, as well as being technically audacious and consequently impressive. Some of it is so grand that several times I forgot that most of what we’re seeing on screen was built for real and animated by hand over several years. I say “most” because it is augmented with CGI [which] doesn’t detract from the technical workmanship on display. That included the largest stop-motion puppet ever built [of which] there’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse during the end credits that is breathtaking.
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Raising Arizona (1987)
before now all I could have told you about Raising Arizona is that “it has the longest pre-titles ever (except it doesn’t)”. Well, that and it stars Nic Cage and was directed by the Coen brothers. But now I’ve watched it and, three months after the fact, …that’s still almost all I can tell you. I also remember there was a kinda-cool semi-fantastical thing going on with, like, a demon biker or something. Oh, and it’s quite funny.
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