Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Grandma's House
2x02 The day Simon thought it may be a good idea to find new living arrangements
I don't like most squirm-inducing comedy, even when favourite shows play at it for an episode, or even a scene; but this is endlessly brilliant. And I love the episode titles.
[Watch it (again) in HD on iPlayer.]

Mad Men
5x06 Far Away Places
Well that was weird, but cool. Feels like Mad Men's being more experimental this season, and that can only be a good thing.

Onion News Network
2x10 Year in Review [series finale]
That's that then. I loved ONN at first, but somehow feel it hasn't been working as well recently. Too much emphasis on the presenters/characters and not enough on the actual satirical news stories, maybe. Sadly, I won't particularly miss it now it's been cancelled.

4x21 (11/4/11 edition)


Marvel's Avengers torpedoes Battleship at UK box office
by Simon Reynolds (from Digital Spy)

Avengers Assemble "has already outperformed the entire box office runs of earlier Marvel films The Incredible Hulk (£8.2 million), Captain America (£9.5 million) and Thor (£14 million)." Crikey!