Tuesday 1 November 2011


Ask Rhod Gilbert
2x06 Episode 6
The lab bits have always been silly and fairly pointless, but this week's teleporter really takes the biscuit.
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The Impressions Show with Culshaw and Stephenson
3x01 Episode 1
I'm always pleasantly surprised to see this back -- for some reason I keep assuming they'll've cancelled it.
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3x28 (21/10/10 edition)
So, the repeat run just skipped an episode. Why? Not a clue.
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X2 (2003)
[4th or so watch]

The critical consensus at the time, which has been upheld by audiences since, is that while X-Men was very good, X2 trounced it -- look on IMDb now and you'll see X2 still has the highest score of the trilogy (First Class tops it for the franchise though). I wasn't convinced in the cinema and I haven't been convinced re-watching it on DVD -- X2 is very good, but I love X-Men.

I'm not sure if being older (it must be half a decade since I last watched it) or watching Blu-ray made any difference to my appreciation of the film, but it did remind that it's a damn fine movie. Certainly, taken together, I believe the first two X films are among the absolute finest the superhero genre has to offer.

It'll be interesting to see The Last Stand again, hopefully tomorrow: I've always thought it was flawed, but I never hated it with the same vitriol as other fans. Maybe watching it immediately after these, however, I'll have a change of heart.


Around-the-World Roundup: 'Tintin' Animates Overseas Box Office by Ray Subers
(from Box Office Mojo)

Despite the Guardian campaigning against it for goodness knows what reason, it seems Tintin has been massively popular, especially in France. I ought to make the effort to see it really...

Best. Video. Ever.

The Ballad of Russell & Julie

from the David Tennant-era wrap party