Sunday, 24 July 2011


I would have watched the second Single-Handed today, but the Virgin Media catch-up service is being stupid again. Other means of acquisition will be required.

But other than that, there was:

Grand Designs Australia
1x02 Very Small House
[Watch it (again) on 4oD.]

The Tudors
4x07 Sixth and the Final Wife
War, huh? What is it good for? Not much, other than some exciting battle scenes. The speed of the plot seems to have picked up massively in the second half of the series. Shame they wasted so much time during the first half.


Doctor Who Return Date by Marcus
(from Doctor Who News Page)
As hinted at by Doctor Who Magazine on twitter ages ago, Doctor Who will return for Series 6: Part 2 (as the DVD/BD will brand it) on August 27th. So far only the US date is confirmed, but unless it's on a week earlier in the UK (which seems unlikely) this must be the UK return date too.
Additionally, a selection of UK trailers can be watched here.

Karen Gillan stays with Doctor Who by Marcus
(from Doctor Who News Page)
Relatedly, Karen Gillan confirms she'll be returning for Season 7. There'd been speculation that she and Arthur Darvill would be leaving as both have work commitments around the time Who would normally be shooting, but the recent much-discussed news about its various delays suggest that's no longer a problem. Which will make them the longest-serving companions for goodness knows how long! Maybe the 11th Doctor will pull a 2nd Doctor and retain the same companions throughout his run? (Yes, OK, "more or less" in the latter's case.)

And also relatedly...

Eccleston Expands on Reasons for Leaving by Marcus
(from Doctor Who News Page)
Remember when Chris Eccleston talked about his reasons for leaving Doctor Who the other day? Well, here's a fuller version of what he had to say. Intriguinger...