Sunday, 5 August 2012


London 2012 Olympics
Day Nine

Big day for those of us focused on the tennis as it came to an end with three finals (and their respective bronze medal play-offs). So gutted for Federer that he was denied a career Golden Slam, but Murray did play exceptionally well. Thank goodness he's not had real success until after becoming a Nicer Person and Better Sportsman with Ivan Lendl's training -- his previous stroppy attitude has not been vindicated. A shame that Murray and Laura Robson didn't quite manage victory in the mixed doubles, too. My tennis supporting day didn't go so well.

Also today was gymnastics, where two of our guys did extraordinarily and still didn't quite get gold. I don't think it's possible to miss out by any smaller margin, poor guy.

Finally, athletics, Usain Bolt, blah blah blah; and, of course, Olympics Tonight.

[Watch Sunday's Olympics Tonight (again), as well as loads of live coverage from the BBC.]

Twenty Twelve
2x07 Loose Ends [series finale]

Generally very good last ever (presumably) episode. The bell-ringing thing seemed unnecessary, but I suppose they needed something for Siobhan to do. And the cheek of that ending...!

this week on 100 Films

Just one brand-new review was posted to 100 Films in a Year this week...

Cars 2 (2011)
why is the police car wearing a giant hat?!
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But there were also a few archive reviews, including...

Cars (2006)
I’ve often heard people criticise the world of the movie for not making sense... it does play on your mind while watching, and because it shouldn’t matter I think it’s indicative of faults elsewhere: if the characters and story were keeping your attention, if the film was consistently funny or exciting or engrossing, you wouldn’t be wondering who built these cars, or where their builders went, or how they reproduce… It’s like a child’s game writ into film
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Citizen Kane (1941)
As of 1st August 2012, Citizen Kane is no longer the greatest film of all time. Here’s some brief, aimless thoughts I had about it when I saw it for the first time, almost exactly five years ago…
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The Hitchcock 4
The new Greatest Film Of All Time is a Hitchcock, so here I bring the four Hitch films I've reviewed over to the new blog. Those being Rebecca, Notorious, Marnie and The Birds. Really need to watch some more Hitchcock...

And finally, now that we're in August, there was also my round-up of July, including some extra stuff on something the BFI tweeted recently.

More next Sunday.