Wednesday 22 June 2022

DVD Extras

Colin Baker in Conversation

I've been picking up every one of the Doctor Who: The Collection Blu-ray releases as they come out, but I've not actually watched very much content on them. Indeed, I think the John Nathan-Turner doc may be literally the only thing I've watched from any of the 11 sets released so far. Shame on me — I really must do a lot to change that.

Well, here's one thing, at least. Though, like the JNT doc, I'm only watching it so quickly because I've seen it praised repeatedly on social media. In fact, there are three "In Conversation" features on the season 22 set, and I've seen two of them praised repeatedly; but as they're each essentially feature-length, I've only watched one for now. The other soon.


Lupin the Third: Is Lupin Still Burning? (2018)

A one-off special to mark 50 years of Lupin III. I'm counting it as a short film; others would say it's an episode of TV. It's what anime fans call an OVA — Original Video Animation — which means it went straight to DVD, basically. I say that makes it a short, even though it was released alongside a TV series. (Does it really matter, though?)

As a short, I'll review it on 100 Films eventually. For now, I posted some thoughts on Letterboxd.