Wednesday 11 January 2012


Law & Order: UK
6x01 Survivor's Guilt
A tough subject matter, left over from last season's cliffhanger, but beautifully handled. Who knew before L&O that Bradley Walsh would turn out to be such a spectacularly good actor?
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No Ordinary Family
1x16 No Ordinary Proposal
1x17 No Ordinary Love
"Actually, getting hit by that bullet saved his life."
"The only thing that can beat chemical love... is true love."
Oh No Ordinary Family, you are ridiculous. And surprisingly slow. But even though it's been five months since I last watched it, I still feel the need to finish it.

Perfect Couples
1x10 Perfect Exes
1x11 Perfect Wedding
How to make a middling series like Perfect Couples seem better: watch it immediately after No Ordinary Family. Seriously, it worked. (Hence why there's two of each.)

5x40 (9/1/12 edition)
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