Tuesday 20 September 2011


The A to Z of Crime
Episode 3 HIJKL (of 6)
I'm amused by the super-reverence shown to Lynda La Plante, while effectively saying "she invented Law & Order... seven years after someone else already did".
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Mock the Week
10x08 (15/9/11 edition)
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5x13 (14/9/11 edition)
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2000 AD #1747
So much for getting better/caught up. Must try harderer.
Anyway, this Prog's ECBT 2000AD reviews are here, here, here, here and here.


Doctor Who: The Wedding of River Song preview by Patrick Mulkern
(from Radio Times)
Be warned that this has spoilers for the opening few minutes, which sound absolutely bonkers and absolutely brilliant -- so good you might not want them spoiled. But no spoilers for the revelations and major plot points that follow... which sound incredibly intriguing. I wasn't convinced by the first half of this season, but I've been enjoying the second and I can't wait for this.

New 52 Pickup | Week 3 by Steve Sunu
(from Robot 6 at Comic Book Resources)
Ahead of new comics tomorrow (not that mine will turn up for a little while), I'm catching up on what Sunu had to say about last week's second batch of 13 new #1s. All things considered, they seem to be shaping up rather well... though he keeps putting the books I've chosen to buy "on the fence". Oops.

The Ten Things That the Forthcoming Star Wars Blu-rays Should Include. Revisited by Marcus Doidge
(from dvdactive)
Or: why, despite what some people claim now they have it (probably to justify to themselves shelling out £60/$80), this release is still a disappointment.