Friday 13 May 2011


The Graham Norton Show
9x04 (6/5/11 edition)
[Watch it (again) in HD on iPlayer.]

7x21 The Fix

Robot Chicken
1x07 A Piece of the Action
1x05 Toyz in the Hood
1x06 Vegetable Funfest
1x09 S&M Present


Iron Man (2008)
[2nd watch]
This was #31 in 100 Films 2008, when I watched it at the cinema. I liked it then, but think I enjoyed it even more second time round. The sequel is on Sky Premiere from next Friday, so naturally I'm aiming to watch my Blu-ray of that before then and post a review in time -- hence watching this one now.


16 movie poster traditions that need to die in a horrible fire by Ali
I don't entirely agree with some of them -- the "from the producer of" credit is kinda irritating, but at the same time producers do tend to make the same kind of films because they know how to make those kind of films, so it's not a worthless comparison, especially in the age of producers like Jerry Bruckheimer, who arguably have more control over the final film than the director -- but most are spot-on, and several quite amusing too.

If this summer's movie posters told the truth by Ali
And from the same site, a better take on posters. These are most amusing. I particularly like the Super 8 one -- "E.T. With Lens Flare". It's funny because it's true.

Steven Moffat speaks out against spoiler "vandals" by Chuck Foster
(from Doctor Who News Page)
Moffat's 'anti-fan' comments seem to be increasingly regular and causing an increasing stir amongst certain aspects of fandom. But the thing is, pretty much everything he has to say is true -- proper fans should be agreeing, not moaning about it. It's only 'fans' -- the people who claim to like the show but always complain about it, or deliberately spoil it and take the fun out of it -- that need to feel offended, and offended they should feel because... well, he's right about them.

Where are today's Steinbecks? by Michael Goldfarb
(from BBC News)
Millions of men and women have lost their jobs in the latest global downturn - the biggest for decades. Why do we hear so little about them?
Or, why art is so slow to respond to the current global recession when it wasn't last time.

Blogger's stupidity

Those who don't use Blogger are likely to have missed this, but somehow yesterday evening they buggered up their whole system and left everything in read-only mode while they tried to fix it -- that's why, in the case of this blog in particular, you dear readers would still have been able to read everything, but no new posts appeared.

To fix it they seem to have deleted Wednesday's posts. They are, apparently, still in the process of restoring these. Additionally, it seems all saved posts have reverted to pre-Wednesday form -- or, to put it another way, all my half-written & saved-as-drafts posts for Thursday's viewing, reading, etc, have disappeared as well.

I am miffed about this.

Fingers crossed it's all coming back, not just posted posts. I shan't publish any other updates for the immediate future, just in case, and if it doesn't get fixed I'll catch up on Wednesday (though, that should come back anyway) and Thursday later tonight or tomorrow.

Just in case you were curious.