Thursday 5 January 2012


Part 1 North America (of 6)
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Black Mirror
1x02 15 Million Merits
That was a bit bleak and depressing... much like the reality TV & app cultures it was satirising, then. That's what all the best sci-fi does: comment on the here & now. Usually such things are more subtle, but where does subtlety get you these days? And I'm sure plenty of people are too dim to get that this is a comment on where things are at now rather than where they might theoretically end up.
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Lee Mack: Going Out
Apparently this was all-new, but as it went on I began to feel like I'd seen some of it before. Maybe just déjà vu, I dunno. (Last time I watched some Lee Mack stand-up, I had seen it before. Coincidencetastic.)
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Never Mind the Buzzcocks
25x13 Episode 13 [season finale]
Just a best bits show, except for a couple of quite amusing outtakes near the end.
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