Monday 26 December 2011


The Borrowers
Wasn't too sure what I'd make of this -- I loved the BBC series that was on when I was young, then read and enjoyed all the novels, but the American film that came out a few years afterwards was awful, and this new version looked uncertain. But I actually really enjoyed it. Sequel please.
Now I just need to see Ghibli's Arrietty... which fortunately is out on DVD & BD here in a fortnight. On the same day as this production. What a coincidence!
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Doctor Who
32x13a The Prequel to The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe
Oops, forgot to watch this before the episode itself! It is, of course, short and typically pointless -- if it was vital it would be in the programme itself, wouldn't it.
[Watch it (again) on the official Doctor Who website.]

Downton Abbey
2x09 Christmas Special
Advantage to watching it the day after: no ad breaks. It had a 125-minute slot on TV; we got through it in 93 minutes. Thats half-an-hour of my life saved.
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Little Crackers
2x03 Barbra
2x04 Your Face
2x02 Daddy's Little Princess
2x05 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Daytime
Sky1's Christmas short films return for a third year with a second round of eleven celebrity-starring autobiographical tales. Jane Horrocks' and Jack Whitehall's were fine; Alan Davies' started darkly but had a sweet dog; Harry Hill's was stupid. I don't like Harry Hill. (The numbering is the order they were originally shown; the order they're listed is the order they were shown in an omnibus on Christmas Day and therefore the order I watched them.)

Michael McIntyre's Christmas Comedy Roadshow
Good fun.
According to the BBC website this is episode 3 of 6. Which is strange as it's the only episode scheduled -- even if there's a new series on the way, surely this is therefore episode one?
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Mock the Week
10x13 Christmas Special
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