Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Mock the Week
11x06 (19/7/12 edition) [mid-season finale]
The usual mid-series best-ofs and outtakes. Mock the Week returns in... um... The Future.
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A Short History of Everything Else
1x06 Episode 6 [season finale]
Rob Rouse wasn't funny once and Grace Dent is always annoying. Bit of a damp squib for a final episode, then.
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1x11 The Semi-Final
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Box Office Curios
(from the ghost of 82)
"Huge hit" Prometheus has made $300m. "Massive flop" John Carter made $283m. Obviously there are issues of budget size in the stories of their relative success (Carter cost nearly twice as much as Prometheus, before marketing), but maybe the press (and fans) should think a little more carefully about their rhetoric.

Fifty spoiler-heavy questions for The Dark Knight Rises
(from Ultra Culture)
I calculate these questions to be precisely 26% answered by the film itself (or with a little bit of your own thought), 28% genuine things worth asking, and 46% deliberately silly. And I allowed the middle one the benefit of the doubt more than once too.