Saturday 30 March 2013


Anna & Katy
1x04 Episode 4
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Doctor Who
33x07 The Bells of Saint John

So, here we go -- eight episodes of who the hell is Clara? And what's the Great Intelligence plotting? And who gave Clara the number of the police box? Well, that's going to be River, isn't it. This is Moffat-era Doctor Who -- it's always River.

Other than that, a good fun episode. Celia Imrie makes for a great villainess, of course, and there were plentiful exciting bits. The antigrav bike up the side of the Shard was particularly nice. The single-shot into-the-TARDIS-out-onto-the-plane was a nice idea that seemed quite poorly executed from a technical standpoint, like they didn't take quite enough time to get all the shots properly lined up, which was a shame because it was a really nice idea that could've been a defining moment.

Oh, and the title... why? I mean, I know why -- the phone ringing, the St John's sticker on the TARDIS -- but why is it the title? Hardly that central to the episode. Unless it comes back later. Which, with the River-I-presume thing, I suppose it might.

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1x01 The Orgy
1x02 The Gladiator
Wasn't sure about this at first, but it grew on me. And episode two has the bonus of featuring Danny Dyer being decapitated, so there's that.
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Pointless Celebrities
3x04 (10/11/12 edition)

The Voice UK
2x01 The Blind Auditions 1
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Collection Count

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