Tuesday 30 July 2013


The Americans
1x06 Trust Me
Getting close to ITV now...
[Watch it (again) on ITV Player.]

The Good Life
4x08 Silly, But It's Fun... [Christmas special]

Veronica Mars
2x01 Normal is the Watchword
I'd heard season one was by far the best, but the second certainly kicks off to an intriguing start.


BBC Worldwide to include Widow on Series Seven Box Set
by Marcus (from Doctor Who News)

Well thank goodness for common sense! Though even while fixing a point of stupidity, they still come across as moronic:

Originally the decision was taken not to include this release on the box set as it had previously been released as a standalone product.

Which previous specials had been released as a standalone product before being included in the subsequent box set? Only all of them. But hey, if something's gone down without complaint for six years in a row, why not do the complete opposite on the seventh?


Oh, and it looks like the US set has quite a few more special features. The UK listing released so far wasn't as thoroughly broken down as that in fairness, but nonetheless there are several things there that aren't even hinted at being on the UK set. Boo, Worldwide -- BOO.