Sunday, 3 September 2017


Vintage Tomorrows (2015)
[#120 in 100 Films in a Year 2017]

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A new month means it was time to look back at the last one on 100 Films in a Year this week, although it was a rather underwhelming August...

In part that was because it was a big week for TV, with The Defenders finally arriving on Netflix and the feature-length Game of Thrones finale too...

As well as that, 3 brand-new reviews were posted...

21 (2008)
The true story has been mashed broadly into the heist movie template. Setting aside the veracity and treating it purely as an entertainment, this has pros and cons. Whenever it’s whizzing around in Vegas it’s kinda fun, with flashy camerawork and a slick feel for the excitement of being a successful high-roller. But when it puts that aside to get stuck into the characters’ thinly-drawn personal lives, it gets kinda dull.
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Death Note (2017)
Despite that reimagining status, it’s still understandably shackled to the broad shape of the original work. Consequently, it glosses over some of the more interesting implications of the premise in its rush to make Kira famous and introduce L. Partly that’s what happens when you condense so much story into just 100 minutes, but it’s also because it’s beholden to bringing in L and starting his cat-and-mouse game with Light.
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Jaws (1975)
It’s easy to start discussing Jaws in terms of it being the first summer blockbuster, or its troubled production, or the effect it had on audiences’ desire to go swimming. But divorced from all that, as a film in its own right, it’s a thrilling adventure movie — a man vs. a shark, when it comes down to it.
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