Sunday 16 January 2011


Battlestar Galactica [2004]
3x00 The Resistance [webisodes 1-10]
3x01 Occupation
It's now, shockingly, almost six months since I last watched any BSG. I was getting through it so fast too! Time (overdue) to dive back in, then, and this is what's next: The Resistance, a series of ten webisodes totalling 26 minutes, detailing some events that occur between seasons two and three. They may still be available for free online to the US, and they're on the US DVDs, but not the UK DVDs, but they are on the Blu-rays everywhere (on disc two of season three -- common sense does not prevail). In case you wondered.
As for the new series proper, bold of the producers to continue their Iraq war analogy by having the Cylons become the occupying force and the sympathetic human characters become insurgents. Can't imagine that went down too well in the US...

1x01 Episode One
This has been soundly slagged off in some quarters (coughRadioTimescough), but I rather enjoyed it. In fact, I'm actually looking forward to more -- so that's rather good too then.
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8x16 History (extended repeat) [season finale]
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Genevieve (1953)
[#3 in 100 Films in a Year 2011]

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Iron Eagle (1986)
an American pilot is captured by Qatar due to flying into their airspace, even though he was hundreds of miles outside it. When he’s sentenced to execution and the US Government refuses to do anything practical to get him back, his teenage son — who he’s been illicitly teaching to fly fighter jets — resolves to steal one and go get his dad. Hells yeah! Or something... daft and implausible.

Odd Man Out (1947)
The consciously episodic story... facilitates the depiction of a cross-section of Northern Irish life, and particularly their reaction to “the organisation” — it doesn’t take a genius to guess what that means... concerned “only with the conflict in the hearts of the people when they become unexpectedly involved”, by leaving out detail of the politically contentious background it perhaps robs the characters’ indecision of any basis.

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