Thursday 12 May 2011


2x02 A Going Concern
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The Secret History of Eurovision
Plenty of British people seem to think it's just a joke or ungrounded PR spin when it's said that Eurovision is much more important on the continent than it is over here, and can have a genuine effect on more serious political issues. Even the Radio Times voiced such ideas in their review of this documentary. But I think this does a good job of showing that, actually, it's true -- the silly camp little thing we largely ignore has been, and continues to be, incredibly significant to much of Europe; and it exposes this while also acknowledging its occasional (well, frequent) silliness and campery. Good documentary.
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The Shadow Line
Part 1 (of 7)
New murder/crime/conspiracy thriller, which started last week (so I am of course watching this week). Rather unusual in all kinds of ways -- pace, writing style, acting -- but all of it marvellous in its irregular fashion. This has "classic in the making" written all over it. If you're not watching, start before it's too late.
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$#*! My Dad Says
1x10 You Can't Handle the Truce
Hold on... what? Last episode, Vince and Bonnie decided to move out of their home, and we saw their dog, who we'd met before. This week, they're in the same place and they're trying to adopt a dog, with no sight or mention of their previous one. So... what?
Well, the page for this episode says it was originally scheduled to air the week before the first episode featuring the dog, and said dog turned up right at the end, so I presume this episode should really be placed earlier in the season and 5* just weren't paying attention. Tsk.
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