Friday 29 July 2011


How I Met Your Mother
6x22 The Perfect Cocktail
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My Favourite Joke
Episode 1 (of 6)
This would be better if they played the whole routine/sketch/what-have-you either before or after all the comedians' comments. It's fine if you're familiar with the thing they're discussing, but if you've never seen it before it's a chore trying to piece it together from the snippets they scatter about, and it lessens the impact in the process. Shame.
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No Ordinary Family
1x14 No Ordinary Double Standard

The Rob Brydon Show
2x01 Episode 1
I'm glad this is back -- I thought it would be too odd to attract the numbers -- but, thankfully, here it is.
Also, Nina Conti should be on telly more often.
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