Tuesday, 14 August 2012


The Great British Bake Off
3x01 Cakes
Hurrah for the Bake Off! From the off this series seems to be tougher on it's gaggle of amateur bakers, so goodness knows what they've got planned for the weeks to come.
[Watch it (again) in HD on iPlayer.]

1x01 Episode 1
New sitcom with a large cast, five credited writers, five creators (not all the same), and on Sky Living. With that setup you might expect it to be dreadful, but it's actually pretty good. Certainly superior to Parents, and that got to be on Sky1.


Bond Reclassified – 50th Anniversary Blu Ray Update.
by Matthew Harkin (from CommanderBond.net)

As part of the big 50th anniversary box set coming soon, some more Bond films have been reclassified (GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies were included uncut as 15s last time they did a big re-issue on DVD). This time out, Diamonds Are Forever has been re-rated as a 12 (stuff that was once deemed suitable at PG no longer is), while Casino Royale will be uncut for the first time in the UK, earning a 12.

Fantastic news. If I wasn't sold on this set already (and, to be honest, I was borderline, as they haven't included all the extras for Casino Royale or any of the made-but-unreleased special features for Quantum of Solace), I pretty much am now.

Date for the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who
by Amy Jones (from The Digital Fix)

Also coming out of tonight's screening of Asylum of the Daleks: the episode titles for the first half of the series (the five episodes that will air before this year's Christmas special), and the news that every episode will feature it's own unique title sequence -- if they do that properly, it could be brilliant.