Wednesday, 8 August 2012


London 2012 Olympics
Day Twelve

It felt like there wasn't a great deal going on today, like things were winding down. That's presumably just some kind of fluke, because there were still 16 golds awarded... just no medals for Team GB. But we're still positioned for some later in the Games, both as favourites and as 'guaranteed at least silver's, so it's not over yet.

Nonetheless, watched a bit of BMX, a bit of athletics, and of course found out what had been going on thanks to Olympics Tonight.

[Watch Wednesday's Olympics Tonight (again), as well as loads of live coverage from the BBC.]


Luther creator eyes Alice spinoff
by Jon Weisman (from The Vote at Variety)

Didn't really expect that, though it was nice to know why Alice disappeared in the last series. Sounds like Luther has a very intriguing future: third (and final) series, an almost-definite film version, and now a spin-off. Crazy.