Sunday 10 January 2016


Celebrity Mastermind
2015/2016 Episode 10 (of 10)
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4x05 The Games Underfoot


Funny Games (1997)
[#4 in 100 Films in a Year 2016]

this week on 100 Films

No reviews but lots of special posts this week on 100 Films in a Year.

First: I finished my look-back at 2015 with my bottom 5 and top 20 (yes, 20) films I watched last year:

Then: I announced a new series for 2016, detailing my 100 favourite movies:

(More on that in a moment.)

Penultimately: I kicked off a new year of my "What Do You Mean You Haven't Seen" series with my 12 choices:

Finally: not a review per se, but I posted the first of my 100 Favourites this morning:

Aladdin (1992)
Hailing from slap-bang in the middle of the Disney Renaissance, Aladdin may not be quite as strong as the films either side of it (Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King), but it’s the next best thing.
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More favourites -- and, hopefully, some good old fashioned reviews -- next Sunday.