Thursday 7 November 2013


2x02 Solve for X
Gotta hand it to Elementary -- they do at least come up with more unusual storylines than detective shows' usual stomping ground. Fundamentally it all works in the same way, of course, but it at least makes it feel fresher.

4x13 The One with Rachel's Crush [4th or so watch]
Or, The One Where Joey Says "How You Doin'?" For the First Time.

The Newsroom
2x07 Red Team III
Underwhelming title for such a pivotal episode. But have the makers forgotten that sometime between "the past" (which has nearly caught up with the present) and "the present", Maggie has to do that thing to her hair? Shouldn't she have done it more or less immediately after the incident that provoked it? What's going to provoke it?
I was also a little surprised there were two whole episodes left after the events of this one, but it's a two-parter, so that makes more sense.

Was It Something I Said
1x04 Episode 4 (extended repeat)
[Watch only the shorter version on 4oD.]

Audio Drama

Doctor Who [Big Finish]
The Light at the End Part One (of 2)

While Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special seems to mainly focus on the last seven-or-so years of nuWho, and Moffat goes on and on (and on) about how it looks to the future more than the past, here's the other 50th anniversary special: the Big Finish-produced multi-Doctor team-up, featuring all the classic Doctors (because they're not allowed the new ones). Hey, at least between the two stories we get everyone but the Ninth (ah, Christopher Eccleston.)

I think it was designed to be listened to as a whole, because even the cliffhanger is not that cliffhanger-y, and the parts are eight minutes different in length -- if you moved the end of Part 1 forward by about four minutes, you might be in a more cliffhanger-y situation. But I guess I shouldn't judge until I listen to the second almost-half. So far, intriguing, but also surprisingly low-key for a story featuring multiple Doctors, the Master, and the possible destruction of the TARDIS and/or all of time.