Wednesday, 5 May 2021


Mystery Science Theater 3000
11x01 Reptilicus

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark... and it’s this movie!”

With a new MST3K Kickstarter underway, I figured I should finally watch episode(s) from the last one, (a) because I should've got round to them ages ago, and (b) to see if I want to back this new Kickstarter. This one... left me unsure. You see, I always really like the idea of MST3K in theory, but I feel like whenever I actually watch it I’m less convinced. There’s a sense of “throw anything at the wall and hope some of it sticks” about the jokes, rather than the constant barrage of zingers that you’d ideally find. But some of it does stick, so...

Anyway, apparently this is one of the weaker episodes of the revival season, so I might jump ahead to some I've heard are better, to let it put its best foot forward.


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