Friday 21 October 2011


The Jury
Part 3 (of 6)

3x19 (27/9/10 edition)
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9x06 Inventive (XL edition)
I like Nina Conti, but I'm not sure how well a ventriloquist is suited to a panel show. They had a large section on ventriloquists, at least... most of which was cut out of the regular episode. Another tick in the box for XL editions, then.
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Top Gear USA
1x01 Episode 1
It's not as good as the original British version -- the presenters are a bit weak, and certainly don't have the same camaraderie/rivalry as our lot; it's not as well made, either, lacking the slickness of direction the British one often shows -- but for all those faults it's a surprisingly entertaining re-make of the format.
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2000 AD #1752
For this Prog, ECBT 2000AD added a new section to their regular reviews line-up, an initial-impressions art-only review. After that, the regular reviews are...
  • Judge Dredd Day of Chaos: Downtime
  • Ampney Crucis Investigates... The English Assassin Part Three
  • Indigo Prime Everything and More Part Three
  • Angel Zero Part 02
  • Low Life The Deal Part 3
  • The Dredd story this Prog seems to have been quite controversial among some of 2000 AD's readership (or maybe it's just one being vocally annoyed, I dunno) -- it's a one-shot in the middle of the big on-going Day of Chaos storyline -- but it also seems the majority side with it being a highly effective little tale looking at Dredd's current place in his world. With which I wholeheartedly agree. (Also, reading comments on this reminds me I'm still around four weeks behind with my reading. Ugh.)
    Indigo Prime, on the other hand, is so befuddling and long-term-readers-only-y that it's the first Thrill I've seriously considered just skipping since I started reading.


    Squirrelling Out Details On Watchmen 2 by Rich Johnston
    (from Bleeding Cool)
    Looks like it's happening after all, perhaps as a series of prequel stories. Hm. Well, at least prequels would be better than sequels: there's a gap in the Watchmen universe for stories from their costumed-heroics days, whereas a sequel would have to get all kinds of dealing-with-what-happened-y.