Saturday 8 September 2012


Doctor Who
33x02 Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Living up to their blockbustery aims here, I think, with an episode that's technically just as confined to a single facility as last week's but somehow feels grander.

There's an argument to be made it was the perfect evocation of Who: exciting, funny, emotional, subversive, with a clever continuity, and, most of all, utterly barmy. People have picked faults, but most of them are bad natured -- this is about having fun, and it achieves that massively with no serious problems. (Seriously, you're whinging the Triceratops was too slow? Go watch something else, you've missed the point!)

I imagine I'm in the minority, but while I did like Asylum of the Daleks, I properly enjoyed Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Fun wins.

[Watch it (again) in HD on iPlayer.]

London 2012 Paralympics
Day Ten
Final day tomorrow! Final Last Leg tonight! Gonna miss it.
[Watch archived and live (when it's on) coverage on Channel 4's Paralympics site.]

Collection Count

Collection Count tracks my DVD/Blu-ray collection via a number of statistics every week.

Quite a surge this week to the main numbers, as you'll see, but it's had a surprising minimal effect on the monthly running time update. That's because the 18 TV episodes are actually an adjustment I missed, so it's actually just five new films. Neat increase number though.

There may be some uncommonly big changes next week -- I'm thinking of making some changes to how I record the collection that could knock some numbers around. We'll see.

Number of titles in collection: 1,514 [up 5]
Of which DVDs: 1,163 [up 2]
Of which Blu-rays: 351 [up 3]

Number of discs in collection: 3,745 [up 8]
Number of films in collection: 1,597 [up 5]
Number of TV episodes in collection: 5,649 [up 18]

And that running time update...

Total running time of collection (approx.):
269 days, 7 hours, and 12 minutes.
(Up 22 hours and 22 minutes from last month.)

See you next week, faithful reader.