Friday 25 April 2014


8x04 7:00PM - 8:00PM [extended version]

It's time to play Count The 24 Story Arcs, because, 3½ episodes in, Story Arc 1 is already at an end, with Story Arc 2 -- which at least spins out of it -- already underway. The rules of the game are: seasons one, two and three did it best, when there were two or three major arcs across an entire season; season four and on mucked it up by having a frankly ludicrous number of arcs/threats every year. Getting through the first so quickly isn't promising, but we'll see -- maybe this new one will run and run...

Also, the "extended" element of this episode is one c.2-minute scene forcibly inserted between the climax and credits. Rather ruins the effect, that. The scene isn't bad in itself, and if they'd inserted it five minutes earlier all would've been fine, but put where it is... I shan't bother with the set's six other elongated episodes (I can just jump to three minutes before the end and watch the extensions in isolation!)

10x07 The One with the Home Study [5th or so watch]
aka The One Where Phoebe and Mike Give Their Wedding Money to Charity But Then Don't But Then Do But Then Don't.

Have I Got News For You
47x03 (18/4/2014 edition; extended repeat)
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]