Monday 8 April 2013


Game of Thrones
2x10 Valar Morghulis [season finale]

After Blackwater I was slightly concerned the season finale would be a let down, but nope, it was everything but. Shows how incredible GoT is, really. One of the best bits is that, yeah, there's a cliffhanger, but the real cliffhangers (plural) are the unresolved plot threads; all the storylines left dangling where you just want to know what happens next.

It really is one big long story that has to be divided up to be told, and one day, when it's all over, it might be fun to watch the entire thing back to back (not in one sitting -- it should be over 80 hours long by then), ignoring the season divides, to see the scope of it as a single tale.

The Good Life
2x06 Home Sweet Home

It's amazing how often classic TV series do plots mid-season that would definitely be finale material these days; and then, of course, just have "another episode" at the end. I wonder when the concept of a big climax became de rigueur for series television -- it seems so obvious, structurally.

Mad Men
6x01 The Doorway Part 1
6x02 The Doorway Part 2

Another double-length episode / two-parter (depending how you look at it) to kick off a season of Mad Men. I felt it was missing a certain something... and not just the last seven minutes that my hastily-uploaded copy didn't have. (I shall catch them tomorrow, when I've downloaded a fuller copy.)

For those waiting for it to come to Sky Atlantic, it begins on Wednesday at 10pm. Enjoy the wait.

Veronica Mars
1x04 The Wrath of Con