Tuesday 2 August 2011


The Hour
1x02 Episode 2
This is apparently getting quite slagged off in the press, but I'm liking it. It's not perfect, but it has enough going for it to hold my attention.
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My Favourite Joke
Episode 2 (of 6)
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4x38 (27/7/11 edition)
Best. Round. Ever. (And make sure you keep watching 'til the end, it's worth it.)
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The Tudors
4x10 Death of a Monarchy [series finale]
And that's that, then. A decent finale, especially the last five or ten minutes; the vision with the horse and the skull-headed rider was particularly beautiful, I thought. The last few screens of text to let viewers know what happened was welcome, even if I imagine most British viewers were very aware of the fates of Henry's children; I'd be more interested to know what became of supporting characters like Wifey #6 or Edward Seymour. But I guess that's what Wikipedia is for.
The Tudors on the whole has been of variable quality -- just for one example, take how the first half of this season was a tad slow while the second seemed to rush through events -- but I will miss it a little bit. At least there's a raft of pretenders to the throne to perhaps fill the gap... even if one of them is already cancelled.


2000 AD #1742

There are magazines I read regularly that I don't bother to mention -- the Radio Times every week, DWM and SFX every month, among others. In the spirit of completeness I suppose I ought to, really, but they're a bit like articles: I don't mention every single one I read, just ones I feel are interesting enough to share or want to comment on.

You'd be forgiven for thinking 2000 AD had slotted in alongside the rest of these magazines, then... but because it's fiction (which I do a much better job of covering my experience of, be it TV or films or books) I've been intending to keep mentioning it... it's just that I haven't actually read it since last time I covered it (nearly three weeks ago). Busy busy me, I guess. Anyway, it's catch-up time -- hopefully I'll remember to read (and include) more issues over the coming days.